5 New Songs That Celebrate Girl Power #FeministFriday

Women clearly already won the 2015 music game but hey, we’re used to being better at everything. The best part is not only the fact that badass babes are making fierce music, but more and more songs celebrating girl power are rising to the surface. Here are our fav empowering songs of 2015 that tell women it’s okay to be slutty if you want and it’s more than okay to wear the pants. Praise.

Galore - Girl Power - Gal Pals

Gal Pals “Heres To The Gals”

Chastity Belt “Cool Slut”

Braids “Miniskirt”

Soko “Who Wears The Pants??”

Fifth Harmony “Brave Honest Beautiful”

Gimme More POP

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