This Girl Got to Crash a Kanye Recording Session Thanks to Uber Pool

When you decide to roll the dice and take an UberPool, it’s usually because you’re relatively broke and have no other options.

Sharing a ride with a total stranger can be awkward af, not to mention straight up nerve-racking if the person sitting next to you seems like a psycho.

But a woman in the LA area apparently had the best UberPool experience ever when she wound up sitting next to Andre 3000 — and then joining him at a Kanye West recording session while he helped put some final touches on “Waves.”

From TMZ:

After some small talk, Andre and the girl hit it off, even finding out they’d lived in the same place.

So Andre decided to bring her along to the studio with him, introducing her to Kanye, French Montana, Diddy, Kid Cudi and 2 Chainz when they got there.

The only question we have is how Andre 3000 wound up among the unwashed masses in an UberPool in the first place. TMZ says he meant to get a single ride and accidentally clicked the Pool option… Uh, sure, that’s what they all say.

Either way, this is probably the single greatest endorsement Uber could ask for for their much-maligned carpooling service. I know I’ll be feeling more optimistic about it now that I know it could land me in a recording sesh with Kanye.

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