Girl Fakes Her Own Death To Avoid a Bad Date: What Have You Done?

I’m not sure how many times I can tell people that they need to learn to let guys/girls down the right way rather than avoiding them, leading them on, or keeping them around as a back-up plan. However, some people clearly just can’t face confrontation, and this one British woman clearly thought that the best way to avoid her suitor was to fake her own death. While it is pretty hilarious, I can’t help but think that she might have some bad karma coming to her (although she says she is happily engaged now), I mean come on, faking your own death? That’s got final destination written all over it. Anyways, we asked you what you and your friends have done to avoid ex boyfriends, bad dates, and creeps in general (these sound much easier than faking your own death):


“Once I (innocently) gave a friend of a friend my number. My friend was too drunk and he told me he was taking her home and I wanted him to text me when they got back. He texted me 6 times over the next 12 hours without any response from me. On the last one he asked me to go to brunch I responded ‘I can’t I’m at my boyfriend’s with my boyfriend’s parents and my boyfriend’s grandparents and my boyfriend lives in Jersey.’ subtle?” – Sara N.

“So this one time I went home with a guy and we were making out. I was a little sick and had a slight cough, but nothing major. Things were getting heated but I decided I wasn’t feeling it so I kept interrupting our kissing to cough-totally exaggerating old man coughing- and then said, “I’m probably too sick for this I’m just going to go home now.” And then I was outtie. I probably gave him a fake cough.” – Jenna M.

“When a guy is creeping on me at a bar and I’m not into him, I just tell him that I’m 17 and used a fake I.D. to get in here, it (almost) always works.” – Melissa S.

“I once an ex told me he was going to jump off a bridge if I didn’t get back together with him. I suggested the Walt Whitman.” – Karly G

“Once I texted a guy angry cat memes until he finally got the hint…it took longer than I thought it would.”- Carrie J. (proof below)


“It was freshman year of college and I got wasted at a party at a frat house, and I was really horny and wanted to get laid so I decided that one of these guys here would do. So I walked over to this guy and started flirting with him. I eventually got him so excited he was like let me come over to your dorm. So I went for it and when we got to my dorm I had to sign him in. When we got to my room we were making out and I was feeling him down there. When i took off his pants, I took one look and his dick was the tiniest thing I have ever seen, it was the size of my pinky. I obviously could not put myself through that so I instantly said “I feel really sick I have to go to the bathroom. You have to go.” He obviously was pissed and he was like, “are you kidding me?” And I was like “no, you have to go.” I told him I couldn’t even sign him out which eventually he came back to my room because my RA wouldn’t let him leave. Of course it was the most awkward elevator ride ever!” – Andrea E.

“I told a guy that I was a lesbian once cause I couldnt get him away from me at a party, turns out he was into it, plan didnt workout so well.” – Katie T.

“These guys wouldn’t leave my friend and I alone so we started arguing in front of the guys. It was completely unplanned. I accused her of making out with my imaginary ex bf and she told me to get over it. The guys tried to help at first but were overwhelmed and confused and walked away.” – Taylor P.

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