DJ Gina Turner On How To Get Rave Ready For Electric Daisy Carnival

The fourth annual Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to New York this weekend, 

and you know what that means: time for fireworks, carnival rides, countless chances to overdose on molly stay super hydrated, and of course, a perpetual parade of fashion disasters.


What is it about rave fashion that brings out the inner DIY train wreck in all of us?  Sure, on the one hand it’s supposed to be crazy, irreverent and fun but there’s a fine line between high fashion and  fashion worn by the incredibly high.

We spoke to resident expert on EDC fashion, DJ Gina Turner, and unsurprisingly this badass babe was full of advice on how to do EDC fashion right.


What do you look for when you’re picking your show looks?

I love everything that is multi-functional!  For example I love Lululemon mesh tech leggings because I can dress them up with some boots and a cute top to dj in, or I can wear them to a yoga class! Comfort is also key.


What’s your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn to a show? 

That’s tough but I love this one look from a while back when at Avalon in Los Angeles! Brian Lictenberg leggings, knee high Doc Martens and a lace top from Urban Outfitters!


So when you’re out at your shows, is there any accessory or just overall look that you see people wearing all the time that just looks ridiculous?  Like, is there a fashion memo that people are missing?

I guess for me I don’t see how girls where uncomfortable shoes when going out!! Aren’t you out to dance? The most I can handle in terms of heels at a club are wedges. Anything else is too uncomfortable.


What’s the biggest mistake a girl can make when it comes to dressing for EDC?

I love being individual and really expressing myself when I dress, but again EDC is a long festival and you should be prepared for the whole day. I think the biggest mistake would be not to be prepared weather wise or hydration wise! Staying healthy is part of being GLAM you know?

Do you have any other advice for EDC attendees?

Come see my set on Sunday! 😉

For more Gina Turner, follow her on Twitter for news about her upcoming EP coming out on Nervous Records this summer, and get ready for June 2nd when she takes a break from DJ Gina Turner life and releases a new track as her alter ego MONOCHROMA.

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