Gigi & Zayn’s Bedtime Selfie Is Too Cute

When it comes to taking selfies with your significant other, unless it’s your anniversary or you’re both dressed up to go to a wedding or theme party, it’s best to keep them to yourselves.

Unless you’re Gigi and Zayn.

Then you can basically post PDA-packed selfies whenever because your love is too photogenic to ever be too much.

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On Monday night, Gigi posted an awww-inducing bedtime selfie of her and her alien-apologist boyfriend

He concealed the majority of his abundant tattoos and planted a kiss on her forehead, while she stuck a pair of red-framed glasses on her head and pretended to be asleep, even though it’s obvious she’s the one taking the selfie in this picture.


Screengrab from Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

If that’s not what love looks like, then it sure is what being a boyfriend who’s obsessed with his girlfriend looks like.

Whether it’s cooking for Gigi, taking selfies with Gigi or carrying around a keychain with Gigi’s name on it, it seems like there’s nothing Zayn won’t do to show his super hot girlfriend he loves her, and isn’t that what good relationships are all about anyway?

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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