Gigi Paris On How To Embrace The Confident Version Of Yourself

It’s hard to be a boss bitch, we know. Staying on top of your game–strong, honest, happy, loving, kind, healthy–isn’t always easy. There’s little things you can do to give yourself a burst of confidence everyday. Checkout Gigi Paris‘ 5 ways to embrace the version of yourself that you love!

Galore Mag Gigi Paris

1. Morning mantra: There’s no better way to start your day off than reminding yourself that you are smart, beautiful, and alive!

2. Be grateful! Thankfulness leads to happiness and we are so lucky for everything we have.

3. If you’re not feeling sexy, get your booty in the gym.

4. Dancing is one of my favorite exercises to do, whether I’m in a dance class or in the shower. So dance like no one is watching!

5. There’s nothing sexier than a smile.

Galore Mag Gigi Paris

Photography by Nancy Gomez

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