Gigi Hadid’s Screensaver Is Zayn’s Face Because Love Is Real

Even when she’s jet-setting off to Paris, Gigi Hadid knows how to keep Zayn Malik close to her: by making his face the screensaver to her phone. 

On a scale from one to relationship goals, this move is clearly a solid Awwwwwwww.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, after arriving in Paris, Gigi ended up flashing the paparazzi a shot of her phone’s lock screen, revealing a pouty black and white snap of the ex-1D hottie. 

Obviously, nobody was upset. 

Even though Gigi and Zayn haven’t come out and said they’re a thing yet, this is probably a sign that things are getting serious between them.

After all, the golden rule of relationships is first comes lockscreen, then comes officially declaring your love to the world so we can give your relationship a nickname already.

Like Zaigi? Or maybe Gayn? Hmmm, Gi-Z?

On second thought, take all the time you need guys.

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