Gigi Hadid Tried Out Some Pink Hair and It Looks Amazing

If angels were real, and one just so happened to fall down from heaven or whatever cloud-filled, Trump-less realm angels live, that angel would probably be a clone of Gigi Hadid.

And this is what a pink-haired Gigi angel clone would look:

grls rm @lilmami_lani 🍧

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Gigi captioned the photo, “girls rm,” and tagged the photographer Alana Kaiui’lani Oherlihy, otherwise known as @lilmami_lani.

If you’re not familiar with Alana’s work, when she’s not taking photos of Gigi and her brooding baby sister, she’s posting pictures of shapely rear ends, cakes about to be eaten, and a Tumblr-friendly array of hot girls in fun clothes.

It’s pretty lit.

Not as lit as pink-haired angel Gigi Hadid pictures, but let’s be real, what else is?


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