Gigi Hadid Just Killed It on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ With a Perfect Jalapeño Burger

We know she can model, direct, box, and hold our attention on a reality show. But did you know Gigi Hadid can also cook a mean burger?

She proved as much on “MasterChef Celebrity Showdown” on Monday night when she faced off against fellow Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, whose squid ink pasta dish lost by thismuch to Hadid’s “Gigi Burger.”

You might not have known it, but Gigi and Devon both consider themselves foodies. In fact, Gigi said on “MasterChef” that when she was first signed by her modeling agency, she asked for two things: to be on a Vogue cover and to be on “MasterChef.”

She achieved the first dream six times over in 2015, and now, less than a month into 2016, she’s whooping butt on “MasterChef.”

Although Gigi won, this was a one-time appearance for Hadid and Windsor alike.Gigi won $25,000 to donate to a Lyme disease charity. Her mom, brother, and sister are all affected by the condition and she got choked up while talking about it before the competition as her family looked on from the audience.

Before cooking up her jalapeño burger, Gigi explained that when she first moved to New York City, she went to a new burger place every week to try and find the best burger in NYC. Apparently this tactic worked, because she’s now a total connoisseur. Gordon Ramsay was so impressed with her burger, he dropped an f-bomb.

Gigi even said the only celebrities who make her starstruck are chefs, which is extra endearing.

As for Devon, she put up a great fight with her squid ink and shrimp dish. To be fair, it seemed a bit more complicated than the burger — and the judges didn’t have a bad thing to say about it. But when it comes to choosing between red meat and seafood, there’s really no contest, right? This is America, after all.

There was one dicey moment when Gigi was slicing onions without a guard for her fingers. “She’s going to chop her fingers off!” the judges exclaimed before cutting to a commercial. After the show returned, we all breathed a sigh of relief as Gigi’s fingers remained intact and she learned the magic of a slicing shield.

She cooks, she binge-watches Netflix, she misuses kitchen equipment but still whips up a mean, meaty dish. Gigi is seriously on the fast track to securing the unofficial title of “America’s sweetheart.”

See a clip from the show below.

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