Gigi Hadid Can’t Stop Tweeting About ‘Making a Murderer’

Gigi Hadid apparently joined the club of people who’ve lost an entire weekend to obsessing over the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” this month.

The supermodel unleashed a bunch of tweets this morning and last night about the show, which follows the murder trial of Steven Avery. The 10-episode series goes into incredible detail about Avery and the trial. We can vouch for the fact that it’s super addictive. If you start watching it, you might not be able to stop until you’ve seen it all — heinous middle-American hairstyles and all.

Gigi started tweeting about it on Saturday night around 9 p.m., saying she was almost done with the show and couldn’t wait to talk about it when it was over. Plenty of people have lost an entire weekend to “Making a Murderer,” with their social lives suffering in the process. But Gigi seems to be the first supermodel to admit to a binge-watch of the show — super endearing and relatable, right? Maybe Gigi is the next J. Law.

Here’s what she had to say about the show.

Gigi’s initial thoughts on “Making a Murderer” basically summed up everyone’s reaction to it: “WTF.”

She posted her update this morning, graciously prefacing it with a spoiler alert…

Then she let it rip:

She finished up by retweeting this rando who’s now having the best Sunday of his life.

If Gigi’s anything like the rest of us, she’s now going to spend all of Sunday googling the trial and having her mind blown even further.

There are plenty of stories out there with further evidence that might make you think Steven actually did do it. But for every one of those, there’s another that will have you shouting his innocence from the rooftops all over again. The only thing that’s for sure: it’ll give you plenty to talk about at bars and parties over the next few weeks as everyone furiously Googles the facts, becoming amateur sleuths in the process.

What we’re saying, Gigi, is this is just the beginning of a long “Making a Murderer” obsession for you. Welcome to the club. And if you want to chat about theories, we totally have a few Reddit threads we could send you.

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