Gigi Hadid Just Won Model Of The Year


Our stunning cover girl Gigi Hadid has done it again ladies and gentlemen. Remember when we were freaking out about her new Maybelline gig?  Well, add one more gold star to the young babe’s glittering chart because her life just got even sweeter. Tonight at the first ever Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Gigi was named Model of the Year! YOU GO GIRL, TEACH US HOW YOU DO IT.

After reading her charming DFR interview, it’s obvious why everyone is so enamored with this babe. Photographer Sebastian Faena describes her first impression of her: “I first met her because [IMG models head] Ivan Bart said, ‘There is a girl you will love.’ He had made that same call about Kate Upton a year before when nobody knew who she was. When I saw Gigi, I fell in love—it was like we knew each other, like family.” Beautiful, genuine, and hardworking, Gigi has proven that she deserves this amazing award, and we cannot wait to see what she brings to the table over the next years to come! Bow down, bitches.



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