Work Out In Style Like Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid works out. Duh. As we could tell from every bikini picture ever taken of her, mamma is not sitting around and stuffing her face with potato chips. Her Insta is full to the brim with videos of her bouncing around a boxing ring, jabbing at her trainer with mean punches that we wouldn’t want thrown our way. Apparently, Gigi grew up as a real outdoorsy athletic girl, but after moving to the concrete jungle she couldn’t very well spend her time galloping horseback through gilded pastures. She found passion in boxing, a sport that very much agrees with her, if her killer bod is anything to go by! The other thing we have noticed in those Insta-vids is that Gigi’s athletic wear game is on fleek. Her go-to look? Dark tones (very slimming), patterns, and those amaze-balls sneaks. For your shopping pleasure, here’s our best Gigi Hadid inspired workout look.


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