Gigi Got Her Own Ridiculously Hot Barbie Doll

Gigi Hadid is an angel sent from a cloud-filled Trump-less utopia and all earthly humans pale in comparison to her beauty.

So of course it was only a matter of time before Mattel decided to turn her into a Barbie.

But not just any Barbie — a ridiculously hot Barbie.

On Tuesday, Gigi posted a picture of her Barbie likeness, seemingly in disbelief that her doll likeness could look so ridiculously good looking.

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“Can’t believe that’s me !!!!!! Thank you for this honor #Mattel @tommyhilfiger can’t wait to have #BARBIE join us at the #TOMMYXGIGI show tomorrow! @barbiestyle @tommyxgigi”

It’s really not even fair Mattel let Regular Barbie and Gigi Barbie stand next to each other while wearing the same outfit.

It’s just mean.

Barbie literally had to give herself bowl cut bangs to try and stand out.

No wonder she’s been feeling so blue recently.

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Nobody should be forced to stand next to super models.

It’s just a recipe for self-esteem disaster.

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