The Backstreet Boys Crashed Gigi Hadid’s Lip-Sync Battle and Nobody Was Upset

For the past three days, Gigi Hadid has taken every step to ensure that her 14 million fans tuned in to watch her compete in Spike’s hit competition series “Lip-Sync Battle.”

What she didn’t say, though, was that her performance of “Larger Than Life” was going to be crashed by two of the OG Backstreet Boys themselves, Nick Carter and A.J. McLean. 

Obviously, her competition, some guy named Tyler Posey who’s a Teen Wolf or something, didn’t stand a chance. 


Gigi Hadid casually living out your teenage fantasies

Towards the end of her sexy motorcycle-themed performance, two of Gigi’s dancers went over to the side of the stage and popped open two pods that had just been chilling, revealing AJ and Nick in all their BSB glory.

Obviously people started losing their shit and Gigi went on to win the fight. 

Gigi, who also recently dominated on “Master Chef,” said it was one of the best nights of her life, and it’s about to be one of the best moments of your day.  

And if that didn’t do the trick, watching Gigi talk smack and totally own Tyler as he tries to make nice/low-key hit on Gigi after their fight totally will.

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