Gigi And Bella Hadid Show Their Sisterly Love In Sexy Shoot For V Magazine

A few hours ago, supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid officially joined the long legacy of badass bitches to grace the pages of V Magazine, marking the first time there’s ever been a cover big enough for the both sisters – but like seriously, have you ever seen a copy of V Magazine in real life?  It’s f-cking huge.


The editorial, aptly named “Double Trouble,” features the sisters in an updated version of all those matching sister picks their mother probably made them take back in the day, just you know, replacing cat dresses with matching lingerie.


After all, if you can’t get sexy with your sister, who can you do it with?  Actually, on second thought, don’t answer that.  Just look at this picture one more time.  


Seriously, what was in the water at the Hadid household (and where can I get myself a bottle)?

Pick up your copy of V Magazine on stands starting June 30th, or preorder your copy right now at V Magazine’s online shop.


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