GIFs officially work better than pickup lines on Bumble

If you really want that hottie to reply to you after you match, send him your favorite GIF.

As of 2017, GIFs have a higher probability of getting a reply on Bumble than words to, according to the app.

Bumble has released its annual Year in Review, where they round up all of the stats that they polled from users. They surveyed around 2 million users and found out that the best intro messages ranged from 2-16 characters, with GIFs being high up on that list.

In the review, they found that there was a “32% increase in reply rate from GIFs compared to written messages.”

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I guess I need to start using my GIF keyboard more often! It seems crazy that GIFs demand a response, but maybe that’s because they’re relatable?

The Year In Review is discussed in full in this Bumble Youtube video that guest stars Tank Sinatra, this year’s favorite Instagrammer, according to Bumble users.

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Other fun things Bumble learned about its users this year:

1. People spend the most amount of time on Bumble on Sunday, and least on Friday.

2. Friday and Saturdays are the days when users aren’t picky – we’re guessing it has to do with having cocktails. On Mondays, people are the most picky because well, Monday.

3. The magic number of photos to get the most matches is 6! More pictures = more matches.

4. Short and snappy first messages tend to be the most successful (10 to 15 words). But GIFs are the ultimate game changer if you want an immediate response.

5. Women on average have 10 connections per month, while men have an average of 8 connections per month.

6.. Medical Sales is the most mutually attractive profession for all genders.

7. The best time of day to send a message is between 8-10pm

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