Gia Talks Her New Single, Favorite Lipstick & Being Young In A Same Sex Relationship

We don’t know if you’ve heard of Gia yet, but if you haven’t, you definitely will know soon. This 18 year old pop star has been referred to as “up and coming,” but we think she’s already arrived. Her new single “LOUD” just dropped and was produced by Redwine, who worked with DJ Mustard on Tinashe’s “2 On”. We love it! It’s youthful, but serious enough to listen to a million times over. Gia shows even more of her cool girl attitude in “Only A Girl,” a music video creative directed by Jesse Saint John and directed by Matt Boman. “Only A Girl” reps all the ladies who have experienced a relationship with another girl. At Galore, we love a young woman who knows exactly who she is, so we knew we had to pick her brain and find out just how Gia thinks.


Photo By Mario Sanchez

What inspired you to write the song “Only A Girl”?

It’s based on my life. My first relationship with a girl actually inspired the song. The song speaks to the idea of female unity and sisterly bonding but it’s also about myself finding fulfillment in a same-sex relationship. It’s my fun and cool way of expressing my sexual identity 

How was it working alongside Redwine?

Incredible! He’s so passionate and gets so excited in the studio, as do I, so it’s fun to be with someone who is equally as excited about the process. The song “LOUD” kind of happened really quickly because everyone involved was just extremely amped on the song.

What gave you the idea to create such a unique blend of music?  Not many artists have attempted to mesh Trap and Americana!

Red and Jesse and myself have been into this idea for a bit, it’s fun to blend genres unexpectedly, and it’s ended up being my sound. Each of my songs is a smashed-together style with a big sing-along quality.

Who is your current style icon?  Who inspires your day-to-day looks?

As cliche as it is because I know all 18 year old girls feel this way, I’m really into Cara Delevingne’s looks. She’s so cool and I, myself, am a bit of a tomboy, so I love the way she has fun with her style and mixes androgynous silhouettes and street wear. 

Necessary products you are using right now?

MAKEUP FOREVER Rouge Artist Intense #23! I’m telling you this lip color changed my life! I was on a shoot recently and I’ve never felt so cute, I immediately bought like 20 of them [Laughs].

What made you choose a tennis court as a backdrop for the music video? How instrumental were you in the design of the video?

Jesse and I worked really closely with Matt Boman on the creative direction of the video. I wanted to show this sort of, universal fantasy of a teenage girl’s first love story. It was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides, and it’s basically of an every-day teen girl moment that is portrayed so epically, the way first love really feels.

Was there anything crazy that happened the day of the shoot? What was your favorite part of the shoot?

Funny you ask! During the bike scene we got pulled over by cops and there were literally 7 cop cars and 2 fire trucks because they thought there was some sort accident because of the colored smoke bombs, we were like, “don’t you guys have literally anything else to be taking care of right now??” but it ended up fine. The best part of filming was just being creative and having fun and improvising with the girls.

What song is stuck in your head RN?

Taylor Swift, just like the rest of the world

What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?  Where do you see yourself?

Hopefully, I get to make a really big impact with my music and get to use my voice to speak up for other people my age who feel unheard or disenfranchised. I want to empower everybody and help them feel less alone and have a ton of fun along the way. I see myself in 5 years touring internationally with a couple albums under my belt 😉

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Be grateful for everything, even the “bad” stuff, and find joy in everything you do.


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