Gia Genevieve Gets Fall Ready In Luxe Furs: Bye Bye Back To School Blues

If you’re still laying by the pool in a bikini, licking popsicles and enjoying your last days of freedom before you’re catapulted back into the world of homework, tests, and real life, staying warm in the chillier months ahead might be the last thing you want to think about. But it’s never too early to plan ahead (especially when it comes to your wardrobe). And honestly, nothing gets me hyped up for back to school more than the promise of new jeans, deliciously thick sweaters, and luxe coats. That’s why I told model Gia Genevieve that we wanted her to reveal her favorite ways to get furry for Fall, to which she responded “Oh, boy, had to be controversial, huh?” Of course, I answered with a big fat “YES!” Because guess what? Red paint be damned, fur is classic, sexy, and sophisticated, just what you need to make homeroom bearable. So Gia gave us the life hacks for shopping fur WITHOUT getting PETA on your case. Here are the Gia Genevieve-approved ways to make a fuzzy statement with jackets, scarves, and even bags, minus the guilt.

Make The Descision: My opinion on real or faux has changed a bit. I used to love wearing real fur but now that there are so many great options for faux. I much prefer them. Faux is really in right now, and you won’t be hurting any animals.

Shop The Fluffy Way: Local flea markets are a great place to find real furs. Since the furs are vintage, there is less guilt involved. Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena is my personal fave.

Stay Guilt Free: Tart Collection just sent me this amazing pink faux jacket that I’m obsessed with and cannot wait to wear for Fall.

Channel The Greats: Dita Von Teese is my fur style icon. She doesn’t over do it and wears it in a sophisticated, retro way.

Think Outside The Box: I love fur collars and scarves. Living in NYC, I’ve learned to layer as much as I can. A fur collar adds a dressier feel to an otherwise basic outfit.

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