Getting to Know You(r Boobs)

Although my mom was always very open in discussing my body with me, throughout childhood I was very reserved. Aside from having a supportive and open family, lets face it: we live in an über-patriarchal society that teaches us to censor our bodiesunless, of course, youre shaking your ass in a music video or are subjected to the male gaze in a James Bond flick.


Below are a few things that anyone with boobs should knowsome things will make you feel a little awkward, and that is O.K. Down with the institutionalized demonization of the female body and in with loving yourself! Power to the Pussy!

1. Coffee can actually make your boobs sensitive.

coffee ugh so sexy

Dr. Elisa Port, the chief of breast surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center and co-director of the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai, told BuzzFeed Life that caffeine may cause breast sensitivity. But whatever. Ill take sore boobs any day. Coffee is the nectar of Zeus.

2. Yes, boobs can hurt!

you rboobs can hurt

Its not you being some weirdo or making anything up: boobs can hurt for a lot of reasons. Hormones are the most common reason though, along with working out and movement with an unsupportive bra.

3. Nipplegasms exist.


Author of The Coregasm Workout Debby Herbernick told BuzzFeed Life that some women actually do experience orgasms from nipple stimulation alone. 

4. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate.


Im not sure where the misconception that women are the only sex to develop breast cancer came from, but it is not true. The American Cancer Society stated that 1 in 8 women will develop some form of breast cancer while 1 in 1000 men will.

5. Birth control ≠ bigger boobs (all the time).


They can get larger or stay the same. It depends on genetics, weight and how sensitive you are to the hormones in your BC pills.

6. Saggy boobs will happen.

saggy water balloon

This comes with age. As your get older you stop producing estrogen, so your milk glands and ducts turn into fatty tissue. Then theres gravity. Damn it.

7. Lumpy boobs are NORMAL!

lumpy space princess

In fact, most peoples boobs are lumpy and bumpy and everything in between. Dont let societys standardsportrayed by movie or porn starsmake you feel like youre some weird alien woman. The scientific term for this is fibrocystic breast changes, which deals with changes in your breast tissue.

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