Am I The Only One That Gets Turned On on Airplanes?

Alright, I get it. I am basically a sex writer  (at least that’s what my friends have graciously started introducing me as to strangers), so I’ve constantly got  a guy on my brain for business purposes.

However, this phenomenon began much before I started my work here at Galore, and it still happens today. I am constantly horny on airplanes, buses, car rides – essentially any type of long traveling experience. And I know I can’t be the only one… right?

I’m generally pretty good at paying attention. I always have gotten good grades from paying attention in class, I’m super observant, and I always pack lots of things to keep me busy on cross-country flights, but somehow my brain always ends up on something else .

Have I ever hooked up on an airplane? No, sadly. My closest encounter would be the sweaty, quickie I would have in my high school boyfriend’s Jeep (which more often than not ended up with me banging my head on the roof of the car). There was also the time that I pleasured myself in the bathroom of an Amtrak (those bathrooms are huge. If you actually have a slam piece unlike me, I recommend experimenting in one).

I’ve been blessed (and cursed) with the workings of a dirty mind, and long hours spent introspectively thinking while en route to a further destination tend to result in me re-hashing the last piece of erotic fiction I read, or fantasizing about what the dude I’m currently crushing on is like in bed.

In fact, I’m writing this while on a plane right now. A plane that so wonderfully decided to sit in the runway for an hour before taking off (thanks Delta). Looks like I have even more time to be pathetically turned on in this dark-ass plane with no eye candy to be seen…

If you’re reading this and you feel my pain, let’s book our next flight together 😉

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