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Astrology holds a special place in my heart. Usually when we talk about the zodiac, we highlight our attributes, our best qualities, but never really pay attention to our weaknesses. Belows a list of each zodiac sign, one highlighted weakness that we might struggle with, and a yoga pose to combat it.

(shout out to all the Capricorn/Aquarians out there!)



Weakness: Distrusting

Asana: Handstand

I can fully attest that I have Trust Issues *cue Champagnepapi*. So, handstands are the best way to challenge yourself in that department. If youre like me and are too nervous to go upside down in the middle of the room, try it against the wall.


Weakness: Vain

Asana: Upward-facing staff/Reverse Plank

Vanity is completely overturned by heart-openers. Allowing your head to fall back between your scapula will make you more receptive to the beauties in life that you may not normally see. 


Weakness: Inflexible

Asana: Pigeon pose

Although inflexibility does not necessarily mean physical stiffness, plopping into a pigeon pose will help your hips flexors and mind expand.



Weakness: Impatient

Asana: Standing Bow

Since it requires an extensive amount of balance (on one foot nonetheless), if youre an impatient Aries, a standing bow will spice things up.


Weakness: Pretentious

Asana: Bird of Paradise

In attempting bird of paradise, you will fall, your shoulders may round, and your hamstrings might be tense. But what is amazing about this pose is that it allows for better self-understanding. No room for pretentiousness here or in any yoga class!


Weakness: Unemotional

Asana: Bow

A reason why one may be unemotional is because they guard their heart. In bow pose, your chest and heart are open and receptive to love, light, and somewhat vulnerability.



Weakness: Aloof

Asana: Headstand

Balancing on your head may not be for everyone, I get it. Headstands require complete focus and attentiveness. If you dont have a regular headstand practice, I recommend the supported variation.


Weakness: Superficial

Asana: Lions Breath

Lions breath is a kind of prānāyāmā (or breath technique) in which you open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Its silliness will wipe any kind of superficiality off your face.


Weakness: Indecisive

Asana: Childs pose

Childs pose is a good place to gather your thoughts in. Although it is not physically demanding, it allows for contemplation.



Weakness: Oversensitive

Asana: Plough pose

In this inversion, your heart and legs are over your head. This is nice because although you might be harboring feelings of sensitivity, plough lets you reconnect with yourself.


Weakness: Manipulative

Asana: Eagle

Rather than relying on anyone, eagle pose is 100% self-reliant. Since your body is somewhat twisted and contorted in this posture, you are your only support system.


Weakness: Lazy

Asana: Crow

If youre feeling sluggish, pop into a bakāsana. Requiring an engaged core, arms, and and drishti (gaze), crow pose is for you.

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