Get Ya Hair Color Correct: The Real Reason You Need To Leave It To Professionals

The thrill of experimenting with different hair colors, we often forget about the importance of taking care of our precious color treated hair. I sat down with Georgia Rew, owner and creative director for six kick ass years at San Francisco and Los Angeles-based salon, The Pretty Pretty Collective, to talk about the proper care for colored locks and how to transition back to a natural color.

Georgia highly recommends seeing a professional for any coloring and or color corrections. While most think dying your hair that funky purple only requires bleach and a tube of Manic Panic, there’s actually a lot more that your hair needs than just that. A professional will make sure to use the right products your hair needs to repair and prevent any damage from occurring. However if you are going to bleach at home, she stresses to use a toner every time you bleach, even if it’s just a clear toner. Toner will soften your hair and leave it less vulnerable to harmful outside elements. But really-—just don’t bleach your hair yourself.

Georgia explained that hair is like an onion—there are layers upon layers of color and whatever else we do to our hair. When correcting color, each and every layer of color is stripped. That’s why it’s so important to seek professional help—hair is dead keratin and needs to be treated with the best products to look its absolute best. And do cold rinses really lock in shine? Georgia says yes.

Both PPCLA and PPCSF carry R + Co. and Oribe for retail so whatever Georgia and her awesome team uses in the chair, you can take home for upkeep. To make things sweeter, PPCLA has a walk-up coffee window serving fresh Four Barrel Coffee. What’s better than a new do’ and a fresh cup of Joe?

Georgia stripped my hair of all of the layers of toners I had previously used, dyed my roots, and finished with a Wella toner and an Olaplex treatment, which she says is “like insurance for blondes”. I entered PPC with a faded grey and horrendous roots, and walked out rose gold with an attitude to match.



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