Get The Look From Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon Sampler In 4 Steps

Lana Del Rey just released a two minute trailer for her new album Honeymoon, and the video is so cute and pretty that once again we’re left lusting after Del Rey’s beauty look. The sampler melds four of her new songs—in the “Terrance Loves Me” portion of the video, she does a Lolita thing, riding through a suburban neighborhood in the back of a white van. As “Terrance Loves Me” fades into “Music To Watch Boys To,” we see young girls swimming slow motion under the ocean, then when “Freak” starts, she transitions to a grainy beach scene where she drinks, cries, and sulks on the sand. For “High By The Beach,” she gets off the beach, grabs a machine gun, and waftes around on a balcony in a bathrobe. Is it experimental, or weird, or new? Not really. It’s simply more of the tragic romance that made the world fall in love with Lana back in the Born To Die days, a persona that has worked so well through her last two albums. Doe-eyes, pouty lips, and powder blue nails create the beauty look—here’s how to get that classic Lana look.

1. Plump, rose colored lips. Try this creamy, ultra-pigmented cream by Buxom.

2. Iridescent eye shadow. Lana wears a dusting of grey shadow to boarder her lids, and a slightly shimmery white shadow in the center. The NARs Duel-Intensity Shadow Palette has all the colors you need.

3. Black eyeliner. Go with the classic cat eye using liquid liner for the top lids, and then underline your bottom lashes halfway from the outer corners using a black pencil liner, like this one from CoverGirl. The smudgier, the better.

4. Light blue nails. Lana wears a light cornflower blue polish on her long talons, accented with handfulls of gold rings. Try this one from Essie’s new Cashmere Collection.

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