Pump Up For Swim Week With DJ Michelle Leshem’s Playlist

Michelle Leshem is the definition of a hustler.

As co-founder of SuperMarket Creative, her prep for Swim Week began as she coordinated some of the week’s most hype-worthy events: “Just another day at the office doing what we love, and loving what we do!”

Next, she curated a back-to-basics wardrobe for all the shows and after parties:”I’ll be wearing anything that is a mix of quirky, girly, and tomboy. I live in skinny jeans!” 

Finally, she put together a disco-centric playlist, full of the best new remixes of older favorites, for her moonlight gig as Swim Week’s dominant DJ. Michelle gave us a peek at the tunes she’ll be bumping at our Bombshell Launch at The Basement, and at The Coveteur‘s party at The Standard. Even if you’re not in Miami, you can pretend you are with this playlist!

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