How to Get the Poufy Art Glam Hair of Your Dreams

Big hair is back, babes, and this time around, it’s not just for Jersey Shore guidettes — it even works for artsy bishes!

Your next glam look could use some inspo from the girl with the crystals and marked-up Converse. We did up NYC-based YouTuber Hitomi’s hair using Amika products and it’s your lucky day because we’re sharing a tutorial for you to copy.


It’s the small details that makes us truly unique.  Whether you are high or low maintenance with your hair, there’s always an easy way to put your own signature on a look.

For extra long, pin straight tresses like Hitomi’s, it was a matter of finding a few flyaways to set off her style. Prep the hair by running Amika’s Haute Mess texture gel midway through the lengths of the hair. Use a blower to rough dry the product into the hair for hold.

Using a medium-sized iron such as the 32mm Tourmaline Curler from Amika, wrap two-finger width vertical hair sections. Tilt your head upwards and shake your hair to separate and loosen the curls. Take baby hairs, broken off or damaged pieces around the hairline/crown area and turn them into memorable hair details.

Draw them out with your fingers or a rat-tailed comb and spray them into standing submission with Amika’s Headstrong hairspray. Pair this hair look with a smart, bold lip (Dragon Girl by NARS) that says, “Yes, I meant to leave my house like this.” Confidence is golden.

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Just because you rock a pony doesn’t mean you have to look like Michelle Tanner.

Pick an iconic ponytail reference and put an Art Basel twist on it. A holding spray like Amika’s Touchable hairspray is good for gathering the hair into a tight ponytail without being too sticky. Hitomi has a high ponytail that could’ve lived a life as a tired top knot. Instead, the I Dream of Genie classic was heightened with soft teasing and a few extra elastic bands at the base of the ponytail.

Amika’s Un.Done Texture spray was used generously give the ends a more lived in and casual look. The ponytail was then flipped to the front and sculpted around her face. This framing action is a great way to emphasize an interesting eye makeup look. Hitomi has Electric Blue eyeshadow by MAC as a winged liner here.

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The coolest hair and makeup looks are always the ones that look effortless and impossible to replicate.

A simple comb-over part can create the illusion of haphazard glam… in a good way though. After curling hair with a medium to large sized wand (Amika’s Titanium Tapered Curler 25-18 mm), brush the hair to one side from scalp to ends. Use large horizontal sections from the front of the head to the back if needed.

Lightly mist Amika’s Touchable hairspray along each  section as you brush, then brush and spray again for extra hold. This look will give hair a dual textured sleek and messy vibe. The sleeked curls at the crown will create an elegant wave for added drama.

The flow of this hair moment fully supports a major glam makeup look. Here, it is paired with a hologramic lavender blush along the cheeks and temples. Try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Iridescent Pigment in Datura. A light metallic silver along the eyelids pulls it all together.

And that’s an easy enough start for your Art Glam beauty moodboard. Tuck your nude palette again and be basic next season.

Photography by Jin + Dana

Hair by Andrita Renee using Amika

Makeup by Racheal Krutchkoff

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