Get Luscious Lashes Like Ariana Grande Thanks To These Easy Steps

There’s no denying that Ariana Grande has some seriously amazing lashes, but instead of envying them, why not learn how to get them? Byrdie sat down with Grande’s makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, and asked all the different approaches to amazing lashes.

First, he stated that the key to thick lashes all day is to curl your lashes by looking down (not straight ahead) and then applying several layers of mascara, allowing the layer to dry in between each application for 1-2 minutes. “You want to make sure the lashes are really curled before building volume.” Chinchilla recommends using MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara ($22).

If you have stick-straight lashes, you can fake a curl by adding a few fake individual lashes to the outer corners of your eye. “I add individual lashes that way to give your eye a natural-looking lift.” He recommends using Ardell Duralash Naturals ($5).

He also recommends that if you are using strip lashes, the easiest way to apply them is to roughly measure them against your eye and cut the strip in half (always from the outside) to make for an easier application. Lastly, to emphasize your bottom lashes as well, he recommends to wiggle your mascara wand from side to side, instead of trying to brush through like you would on the top lashes. If you are afraid of getting mascara everywhere, he recommends using Shadow Shields ($10), which prevent this from happening.

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