How To Get Lupita Nyong’o’s Rainbow Eyeshadow Look

Ah, Lupita Nyong’o! I don’t care what you have to say, she never does wrong in my eyes. And the 2017 Met Gala was no different. She shined bright in her orangy, coral organza chiffon strapless sheath gown by Prada. And you would think a nice neutral look would be the go-to look to compliment the vivid color, but that would be too boring for this fashion queen. Instead, she added even more color with a bright multi-shade eyeshadow look.

And her makeup artist, Nick Barose, agreed.

“With Lupita wearing a Prada gown in a bold peach color with florals details for the Met Gala,” he said, “I wanted to play on the dress embellishments without making the makeup too delicate or lady-like.”

What I call majestic, he calls “impressionist florals eyes.”

He continued to say, “There’s a certain roughness and spontaneity to the bold color strokes, so I created smudges on the eyes using many different colors, while keeping the rest of the face polished to balance out the look.”

This is how you get the look using only all Lancôme products!

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1. Lancôme Aquatique in 01 Beige Ivoire, $27

To prep the eyelids, use the beige shadow base. This is meant as primer to help the bold eyeshadows that are going to be used to really pop and really stand in their true colors.


2. Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencils in Cuivre, Or Brilliant, Brique, Cote D’Azure, & Ampoulé, $23 each

Now, for the fun part — smudging! On the eyes, you want to smudge with your finger each of the liner shades like a cream eyeshadow. With the blue, purple, yellow, fuchsia, and peach shades, you will create the ultimate dramatic eye look.


(Left to Right) Lancôme| Drama Liqui-Pencils in Cuivre, Or Billiant, Brique, Cote D’Azure, & Ampoulé

3. Lancôme Color Design Eye Shadows in Miss Sweetheart D, Sapphire Lace, A Touch of Coral, All That Shimmers, & Exhibition, $21 each

To take those bright colors even further, use each of these eyeshadow shades to enhance the colors.


(Left to Right) Lancôme | Color Design Eye Shadows in Miss Sweetheart D, Sapphire Lace, A Touch of Coral, All That Shimmers, & Exhibition

Et voilá! The best part of this look is that it’s supposed to be smudgy, so if your shadow gets a little ratch as the night goes on, it’ll only look cooler. Go forth and stunt.


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