Get Lexi Atkins’ All-Natural Labor Day Beauty Look

Whatever your plans are this Labor Day, you’ll look fierce if you follow Lexi Atkins‘ on-the-go makeup routine. Atkins has your quick fixes for a sunny day at the beach, a sweaty barbecue, or a too-long road trip, and best of all, they’re all super natural and chemical free. You might be surprised by some of the suggestions (butter under your eyes? Chocolate to fight zits?), but these methods are 100% certified to fight whatever’s ailing you. Here is everything you absolutely MUST bring in your makeup bag, so you can look cool on your day off.

All- Natural Makeup: This past year I’ve discovered Zao Certified Organic makeup and it’s totally changed the makeup game for me! It’s one of the only certified organic makeup lines in the US. My skin’s always been sensitive, and this is literally the only makeup I can use and NEVER have to worry about break outs again! When I wear Zao I don’t even want to take it off because it’s actually nourishing my skin rather than just covering it: that’s usually toxic. I also love Revitalash High Def Tinted Brow Gel! Oh my Gosh, this stuff is heaven in a bottle!! Google it, buy it, and thank me later.

Butter Will Make You Glow: I also love Ghee, which is a sacred clarified butter. I’ve known about Ghee for a long time now, and cook with it often! You can even put it in your coffee, but I recently discovered a new way of using it! I have started putting it under my eyes for multiple beauty reasons: it moisturizes and makes your skin glow. Let me tell you, the results are magical. No need to buy crazy eye creams! 

On The Go Skin Fix: I always take a bottle of rose water with me! Also, coconut oil to moisturize. I’ll reuse small lotion containers and fill them with coconut oil instead. It’s cheap and super versatile: it can be used for hair, skin, makeup remover, or what the heck just eat it for a fat burning boost!

Zit Killer: BREATHE! Whenever I break out it’s usually due to stress and/or dehydration. So the best thing to do is to take a few deep breaths, and then I’ll go straight for a big glass of water! When I get home, I immediately do a clay mask (I use Alitura) and have a piece of sugar-free chocolate to make those happy endorphins flow. I usually choose Addictive Wellness “Beauty” chocolate. It has Tremella mushroom and pearl powder, which is great for the skin.

Pick Me Up: Spry Gum (Peppermint or Cinnamon). 

Calming Oils: Essential oils are essential! My favorite would have to be lavender; it’s the most versatile in my opinion. It’s calming, sensual, uplifting, healing, balancing. I could go on for days about it! #alienprollums

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