Get Lavender Lovejoy’s Innocently Seductive Beauty Look

You know the girl who somehow always looks sexy but never slutty? Yup, that’s Lavender. Her baby doll eyes somehow make you melt each time she blinks and while she was born with her cute and simultaneously sultry looks – Miss Lovejoy has mastered the art of beauty products as enhancements. Get her innocently seductive beauty tips, below!

Photo By Alexa King

What are your top 3 tips for keeping colored hair healthy?

1. Take hair skin and nail vitamins to increase hair health.

2. Switch between protein and moisture treatments.

3. Don’t use excessive heat.

Tell us about your biggest makeup fail?

Trying to apply fake lashes is always my downfall.

How do you achieve the perfect innocent but seductive beauty look?

It’s my puppy dogs eyes. Sometimes I use nude eyeliner on my waterline for a more baby doll look. 

What’s your #1 red lipstick?

NYX matte red lipstick.

What are your 5 tips for taking the perfect nudes?

1. Perfect lighting.

2. No body lines from tight clothes.

3. Stretching and elongating your body.

4. Shaved legs & a moisturized body.

5. Freshly showered. 

Lingerie you live in?

Honestly I’m naked all the time.

Any advice for flat bodied girls who want to look like they have juicy T & A?

I find high waisted bottoms and crop tops give me a more curves. 



Photos By Alexa King

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