Get Kilo Kish’s Across Remix EP Cover Look


Photo By Silke Labson

Kilo Kish, the sultry voice that’s simultaneously sexy and cute, blessed us all with the release of Across Remixes. The EP was remixed by the ever so talented stud man, RRReymundo. With Rey’s ability to add a bit more playfulness to Kish’s moody tunes, the two make for a magical collaboration. Alongside the lighter vibes of Across Remixes comes a fresh and airy cover image. Kish’s easy going aura transcends directly through the photo, mainly with her effortlessly perfect outfit. When asked how her music and style influence one another Kish said, “I would just say both are very relaxed, I try not to think too too hard about either one. I wear what feels comfortable for me.” Not every girl finds the right look innately like Kish does, but that’s what makes her so intriguing to us all. You can’t steal a woman’s vibe, but you can copy what she’s wearing. Thankfully, Kish blessed us all with exactly what she wore during her shoot. Get the look & stream the Across Remix EP below!


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Kish is wearing custom 501 Levis she made!



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