Get Inspired by Winona Ryder’s 90s Style


Recently, fashion has been reflecting a serious throwback to the 90s. Mom jeans, grungy plaid, overalls, Doc Martens and more; if it worked 20 years ago, it probably can be pulled-off today. So who better to channel in your own style than the quintessential 90s babe, Winona Ryder?

Winona rocked the look below while attending the Hollywood Premiere for The Commitments in the summer of 1991. The leather jacket, vintage T-shirt and not-too-tight skinny jeans make the perfect recipe for a sharp, cool-girl vibe (well, and the fact that Winona is wearing all of this doesn’t hurt that aesthetic).


This exact outfit could still fly today, but can be tweaked to have some more modern updates that make it totally on-trend.

1. This leather jacket by BLK DNM is a 2015-take on the classic biker jacket, with fringe detailing on the arms and back, and a more cropped waistline than the jacket Winona wears. Using her as your spirit animal or not, a great leather jacket is a must-have investment piece that constantly will come back into your style rotation.

2. Chunky lace-up boots like these faux-leather ones from ASOS are a modern take on the black, lace-up shoes that Winona has on. As a perk, if you’re looking to grow a few inches taller, it will give you a comfortable added boost.

3. Playing off of the silver zippers on the jacket, the Bradbury Belt by Rag & Bone pulls together the outfit’s other accessories.

4. Topshop makes great, affordable jeans and these are no exception. The brand’s Moto Bleach Mom Jeans encompass all that is good about the ones Winona wears: the relaxed fit, bleach wash and of course, high waist.

5. As for Winona’s vintage T-shirt, pretty much anything goes for this part of the outfit. It’s the perfect opportunity to add your own flare to the look. Wear your favorite band tee or Salvation Army find, or find plenty of options here like the Rolling Stones one pictured.

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