How To Get Over Your Holiday Hangover

With the holidays comes endless parties, champagne, and waking up in your thigh-high boots on your friends couch. Last night was amazing I’m sure, but we all woke up today with the same exact thought: fuck. Now that we’ve finally reached the end of the long string of parties, as yes, 2016 is upon us and all the eve’s are sadly behind, we now have to deal with our holiday hangover. This means seriously getting your shit together because it’s a new year and you have to go back to your not-so-new job on Monday. Your holiday hangover is a tough one to trump, but let’s just start with today, shall we?

Here’s a few activities you can do today to hopefully rid yourself of the massive migraine you’re experiencing right now:

1. Netflix and Chill.


It’s a new year, and there’s also a lot of good shit on Netflix right now. Check out Kristin Wig’s dramadey “Welcome To Me” if you needed a recommendation.

2. Eat a ton of greasy food.


Sorry, I know this goes against your “eating healthy this year” resolution, but let’s be real, you’ll feel better and you already broke it last night.

3. Social media damage control.


Those Snapchats you don’t remember posting last night? Yeah, delete them before your 2016 crush gets a chance to see them.

4. Stay in bed.


You did enough last night, maybe let’s not let the world see you today.

5. Get more drunk?


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. You probably woke up drunk anyways, it’s New Years Day, have a mimosa with brunch. Maybe two.

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