Get Creepy With Chromat’s Halloween Costumes

Our friends at Chromat will be awarding their picks for Sexiest & Scariest costumes, and People’s Choice for the costume with the most instagram likes. Those three winners each receive $100 at! Tag your best Chromat Halloween Costumes with #CreepyChromat & make sure you follow @chromat_party!

Attached below are a few costume ideas featuring Chromat:

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Serve #BadGal Realness this Halloween with the Chromat Jessica Rabbit Cage Dress!
jessica rabbit

COVEN WITCH: The Next Supreme
Sit down, Jessica Lange. Rule your coven in this next-level modern witch look, starring the Chromat Bralette Suit (no green skin needed).
coven witch

CATWOMAN: Find your #CreepyChromat Halloween LEWK (including the Catwoman Mask and Pentagram Suit)

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your new favorite lingerie set (the Chromat Mesh Cutout V Set of course!) Everyone loves a woman on top.

ANGEL: Feeling angelic this Halloween?
The Chromat Symmetrical Full Cage Dress and Halo Crown in white will take you to a higher place.

Feel the fantasy of the Futuristic Fembot with the Chrome Chrome Bralette and Android Arms.
robot boop boop

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