Get Chanel Iman’s Sleek Straight Summer Hair

Summer weather is the hardest time to achieve perfectly straight hair, and oftentimes, the thought of adding heat to your head while it’s already hot outside sounds unappealing. But for those moments when you want a perfectly primped straight hairstyle, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure a well-groomed, pin straight coif like Chanel Iman did at the opening of the Fall 2015 collection at Zimmermann’s Melrose Place Flagship Store.

chanel iman galore mag straight hair sleek bed head

For ultimate sleek, straight hair, begin by making sure your strands are completely detangled. Using a paddlebrush, detangle each section before running it through the flat iron. The Smooth Moves I On brush from Bed Head features ionic technology that reduces frizz and adds shine, so this is a perfect brush for ultimate smoothness in hot, humid summertime weather.

Before putting the iron to your hair, be sure to prep with a simple heat protecting spray. If you shower before straightening, wash your hair with cold water if possible as this strengthens the hair shaft and makes your locks less prone to breakage during heat application.

Pick an iron that is relatively narrow. Aim for one between half-an-inch to one-inch thick so that you have the ability to effectively straighten smaller sections. The Bed Head Attention Grabber Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener is one inch and has a bunch of different heat settings, so it’s safe and effective to use on all types of hair.

bed head galore mag sleek straight summer hair

As for heat, if you have fine or fragile hair, do not exceed 300 degrees. If you have thick or textured hair, do not exceed 400 degrees. You probably won’t want to reach these temperatures in the harsh summer weather, but it’s important to keep in mind!

To finish off the look, grab a simple anti-frizz hair spray that will lock your straight strands in place and ensure your sleekness and shine instead of a frizzy mess. Now you’re ready to show off straight strands for a night out at a bonfire party or outdoor summer barbecue.

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