How to get your boyfriend to stop dressing like a dork according to Finneas

So you’ve been talking to a guy who you thinkkkkkk is hot on Bumble — at least based on his profile pic — and just when you’re about to meet up with him you see him for the first time, you see him across the room, wearing an atrocious outfit.

You immediately start weighing the pros and cons, is he worth your precious time in giving him a makeover? What if you invest in a leather jacket only to have this guy ditch you after three months? Are you willing to be seen in public with pleated khaki pants on him?!

Well, not to worry my friends, because our newest fave stylish singer Finneas is here to break down his fashion tips, so you can make sure that boo doesn’t look like a dork when you decide it’s time for him to meet your friends.

Finneas is the older brother of another style icon, gloom pop-tress — Billie Eilish, who’s known for her oversized and hella iconic brightly colored street wear. Finneas’ style is definitely his own though, he describes as “Silverscreen/James Dean” — or really, Gucci meets All Saints with a strong dose of 90’s Leo Dicaprio — in the best way possible.

Besides being ridiculously stylish and good-looking, Finneas just released a pretty sick single last week, called “I’m in Love Without You.” The song has soothing vocal harmonies, and lyrics that will bring all the feels you’ve been hiding to the surface. Take a listen to this new heartthrob, and then peep his style tips (or make your boo read them, you can thank me later.)

What item of clothing do you wear when you really want to impress a girl?

My propeller hat. Just kidding. I just got this really amazing leather jacket from All Saints. I literally live in it because it goes with everything — not just because it impresses girls.

What are some newer trends you’ve been trying out in the past few months and how do you wear them without looking like a dork?

I’ve been wearing some skinny joggers that I really like lately, I also love long sleeves with writing/designs on the sleeves. Also, just got some dope Nikes that make my feet so happy.

Jacket and Jeans from All Saints / Photo by Cameron Postforoosh

What is your advice for any guy trying to up their style game?

Whenever you think someone else looks cool, try to figure out what makes you think that. Is it the jacket? The hair? The jeans? If you feel good you look good you look good you feel good…

What brands are your favorite and what are your favorite pieces from them?

Short sleeve button downs from All Saints are my favorite right now. I also love the plaid pants from TopShop and Vegan Chelsea boots by Doc Marten. Also all about shades! I barely go anywhere without my aviators.

If we needed to buy one item as a gift for our boo, what style item would you say we can’t go wrong with?

I always say jackets but if that’s too pricey for ya, a dope pair of socks is always appreciated. H&M has a really great men’s department with a lot of cool inexpensive jackets, and also some really cool socks — I just got some pink ones with flamingos on them from there.

Shirt from All Saints / Photo by Cameron Postforoosh

How do you think fashion fits with your style of music?

I have synesthesia like a lot of musicians do. It’s hard for me to hear or make music without thinking about it visually. I always know what I wanna wear in videos or on stage or just in my daily life before it happens. Sometimes I have to wear a suit at home to get a song right when I’m writing it.

Who are your fashion icons? And Why?

Frank Sinatra and Mr Rogers. Frank for his “endless cool” and Mr Rogers for his dedication to being neighborly.

What current fashion icons do you have? Kanye or Harry Styles? Sir Elton John or Zayn Malik? Ryan Gosling or Mark Ronson? Ryan gosling HARDCORE. Always looks cool, ALWAYS. And I keep hearing that all his jackets in movies are his own personal ones!

If you had to choose between a Gucci Cape or a custom made blazer from Ferragamo — which would you pick, and how do you think that explains your personality?

C A P E S forever. Seriously, if you can rock a cape you can rock anything.

Who is your current fave men’s fashion designer?

Tom Ford.  

Sweater and Pants from H&M / Photo by Angelo Kritikos

Do you dress in a different way when you are performing with your sister Billie?

Totally. I wanna make sure what I wear feels cohesive with the vibe she’s creating.

Tell us about your music — you just released a single “I’m in Love Without You” last week, what inspired the song?

When I wrote this song, I was really in love with a girl for the second time in my life. My first relationship ended messily as most do, but I remember just really hoping my ex was was as happy as I was.

What is your favorite thing about “I’m In Love Without You”?

Probably just that I really truly mean every single line in that song. It’s all true and all really honest. Feels good every time I sing it.

We heard there’s a music video that you dress pretty stylish in — can you tell us anything about that? Did you style yourself for it?

A lot of the clothing was mine, but we did work with a stylist. I like to make sure that what you are seeing is always part of what I would really wear — I think that’s important. I’m really excited for everyone to see the video — I think it’ll really fully clear up exactly what I wrote the song about for anyone who’s still wondering after hearing it.

What’s Next for you?

More songs, more videos, more rings. I love rings.


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