How to Get Book Recommendations From the Coolest Women Alive

Sometimes having the opportunity to sit back, relax, and travel to a whole new possibly fictitious world is the exact escape you need.

Book clubs aren’t just for bored moms anymore. It’s a fun way to get your girls together and become enlightened on the lives of other women, share beautiful stories, or just drink wine, eat finger foods and discuss a book you recently fell in love with.

Here are nine book clubs to kickstart your new hobby!

1. Between Two Books

Created in 2012, Florence Welch recommends books or she picks someone to recommend a book like she did with their most current pick Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr. Check out their Facebook for group discussions. This book club normally sticks to the broad genre of literary fiction.

2. Well Read Black Girl

WRBG is a book club that celebrates black literature and sisterhood. Based in Brooklyn, WRBG holds actual book club meetings on the last Saturday of every month ranging from roughly ten bucks (covers wine for everyone). You can join by signing up here and stay up to date with book discussions here.

3. Our Shared Shelf

Created by Emma Watson in 2016 she aims to learn as much as she can about equality and the fight for equal human rights. She created this feminist book club in order to engage with her fans and share what she has learned so far and hear your thoughts as well.

4. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Jen Atkin

Kim Kardashian announced earlier this month that she will be starting a book club with her girlfriends. The first book on the list is Embraced by the light by Betty J. Eadie, which is meant to be of comfort for people undergoing a rough patch in life. Kim used this book to help her cope with the Paris robbery that occurred in October. Keep checking her twitter for book club updates!

5. Emma Roberts

Not exactly a book club to join, more of suggestions of books to read. Roberts is an avid reader that is consistently recommending amazing books to read. You can check out her epic summer reading list here and see what she’s #currentlyreading here.

6. SJP for Hogarth

SJP recently launched SJP for Hogarth, she picks books to be publish that she likes and is working as an editorial director. She looks forward to sharing with her readers books that have inspired her life long devotion to the written word. You can check out her Instagram to see what she is currently inspired by here.

7. Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club

RW hosts a book club centered around badass women who either star in the book or wrote it. She’s helping in converting books to movies like the box office hit Gone Girl. You can keep up with the #RWbookclub by checking out her instagram here and joining in book discussions here.

8. Oprah obviously

If you haven’t at least checked out Oprah’s book club by now you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s basically the book club that changed America. Started in 1996 and sadly “ending” in 2015, you can go back and read all 70 of the amazing works suggested by the queen herself. On her website you can check out newly recommended books, join in on the discussion here, and sign up for the newsletter and receive all updates.

9. Boss Babes ATX

Boss Babes is a community organization group held in Austin, Texas. The group hosts a book club called ISB(abe)N where they meet in real life four times a year to discuss the feminist books on the reading list. You can join here and follow all updates here.

10. It’s Lit Thursdays

Not necessarily a book club, more like book inspo. Every week on Thursday’s the team at Lenny Letter put together a list of literature that’s lit af.

You can pick books from the book clubs listed and form your very own club that’s more a little more your style! Always remember that an educated women is a dangerous woman.

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