George Inaki: NYs New PR Creative Force

George Inaki killed it in Japan doing PR for American Apparel, but decided he needed to broaden horizons and expand his career. Luckily for us he’s in NY, and we get to see what a talent he is. He told us all about his PR world, Tokyo trends, and what’s coming up next!


Tell us how you go into PR and ended up in NY?
I started working for American Apparel Japan in 2010 as a Sales Assistant
then I got promoted to Visual Merchandiser Manager, but I was also doing PR in the same time for few months. The CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, visited Tokyo in 2011 summer and he recognised me working for both positions. Dov preferred me working as PR rather than a Visual Merchandiser, so he promoted me as PR manager of American Apparel Japan in 2011 September. In 2012 one of our store in Shibuya Tokyo became the best selling store in the world (out of 250 stores world wide). After achieving No.1 in 2012, I decided to leave the company and pursue my career into PR firm in Tokyo because I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve the same number as I did that year. I worked with Jack Daniel’s, COACH, CHANEL and YSL cosmetics after my career in American Apparel. I usually work with luxury brands as a digital PR strategist because the Japanese market is lacking of that and I traveled to Paris a lot. Achieving all of this in 4 years, I feel like I saw the ceiling of the fashion industry in Japan so I decided to move my base from Tokyo to NY to achieve more and do more cool stuff like I did with MTV Japan!

Why do you love what you do?
Because I can be friends with EVERYONE haha! Isn’t that fun? Also I love being creative as well. For now, I want to focus on fashion industry, but eventually I’d like to explore
entertainment/celebrity business since I am interested in that.

Why do you think PR gets a bad wrap, or do you not think this true?
Because PR people tend to be fake and bitch. Don’t you think? Its “public relations”. I don’t think you should be mean or fake to anyone. It’s our job to maintain and create good relationship, people or firm. If you can not make people happy and get the message out in public, you should consider to change your career.

Who would be your dream client?
In fashion, I have worked with CHANEL and I think they are really amazing brand/company.
So I think there is no next for fashion, but in entertainment/celebrity business, I’d love to work with Beyonce, Ariana Grande etc.

What are your top 5 stores in Japan
CANDY- Concept store
GR8- Concept store
XXlll- Concept store
ICON TOKYO- Concept store
Kinsella- Vintage shop

What trend in Tokyo do you see coming to the states soon?
Probably fancy eyelashes, manicure?
This girl named “Disco Nail Tokyo” is really good!
Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 7.26.21 PM

What artist in Tokyo is the next big thing?
Hmm, very difficult question to be honest. Most of Japanese artists doesn’t speak English. I rarely would follow Japanese artists. But I am friends with below Japanese-mix pop stars.

Thelma Aoayama
Crystal Kay

Favorite place in NYC that reminds you of home:
Im all over the place in the world so its hard for me to make myself feel “home”, but I really like Cafe Select in SOHO. Its super chill and I love it.

Favorite “it” girl at the moment
I have been following Iggy Azelea since she debuted. I have met her in Paris at a Yohji Yamamoto show, but of course I don’t think she would remember me..ha

What’s coming up for you?
I am working on my own fashion label which I want to launch on June 1st,2014. I will start from T-shirt and sweat shirt (sorry for being cliche) but eventually, I want to develop into bespoke leather jacket etc. Let’s see how my kick-off collection goes.


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