Genevieve: Waitress By Day, Rising Pop Star By Night

Watch out Rihanna, a new pop star has arrived. Genevieve, formerly lead singer of Company of Thieves, has reinvented herself into a dynamo pop songstress ready to take on the world with her debut album. Genevieve told us all about the reality and inspiration of working by day as a waitress while recording her new record plus she dished on her favorite pop divas (spoiler alert: we share an undeniable love for Lana Del Rey).

Galore Mag - Genevieve

Your solo appears to be a big departure from Company of Thieves – it’s full of power pop anthems. What inspired this new sound and what was it like finding your own voice?
Yes! This new sound has largely been inspired by dreams and emotions and colors. I wanted the instruments to reflect my emotions- in fact, in a lot of my songs I am singing words or pictures to help bring myself into the next chapter of my life while the instruments are portraying my emotional experience, my range of feeling underneath. Finding my own voice has been like becoming a ship- a lot of ideas and thoughts go into the design and then I throw myself into the ocean of life and its either sink or swim. I am changing all the time, discovering all the time!

Taylor Swift or Rihanna?
Rihanna is a force of nature, her voice has so much information and she is a beautiful story teller with her subtle inflections, she has so much depth! Sia is absolutely divine, an incredibly inspiring writer and performer-her instincts are so primal- she could make an entire album without words, only sounds and I would devour it. Lana Del Ray is creating something really special to me as well. She is not afraid to go to through the dark to find the light. I love her.

Tell us about recording your solo album- what was it like as a waitress by day and recording artist any time in between?
I found serving to be extremely educational as far as observing human behavior in a public space, especially the social aspect of the process of going out to eat- some people want to be helped but retain control, some people want to go and be seen, some people are trying to facilitate a big life moment. I saw my fair share or proposals and break-ups, of kindness and disregard. I had to serve a lot of bands who I am friends with or have toured with before while they were in town playing Lollapalooza in Chicago and everyone was supportive but very awkward when I was bringing them extra ketchup and cleaning up after their spills. Also, I fixed Skylar Grey’s shoe once, that was great. I was (gladly) living a double life, saving up at the restaurant and taking trips to L.A. to write and record, anticipating the next step and daydreaming up new songs along the way. It was exhilarating!

“Colors” makes me walk so confidently down the street. What other single lady/ confidence-boosting anthems put a pep in your step?
I’m glad! It’s about celebrating your life and owning it! “We Are The Champions” by Queen rules.

Speaking of colors- your hair color is brilliant. How do you curate your personal style?
Thank you! My hair is my favorite accessory. It provides all of the color I need in my aesthetic. I like to wear things that I feel good in. Fabrics that work well with my skin. Also, the ability to move is of the utmost importance to me. From there, I gravitate towards a lot of monochromatic pieces with great lines- I like futuristic, androgynous fashion that enhances my mood and inspires me to take on the world each day. Our bodies are like space suits and we are spinning, traveling all day!

Galore Mag - Genevieve

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