Genevieve Morton Dishes On What Modeling Taught Her In The Bedroom

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Genevieve Morton, showed us how to handle sexytime slumber parties with a little help from Cheeki earlier this week. Today, Genevieve dishes on what modeling taught her in the bedroom, handling ‘Netflix + Chill’ texts and even gives us a sneak peak into her new website. Check it out, below!

Galore Mag Cheeki

1. What do you always keep in your bag for sexytime slumber parties?

Well, obviously a pair of Cheekis, but also make up wipes and night cream.

2. Have you ever gotten a ‘Netflix + Chill’ text?

If you haven’t gotten a ‘Netflix + Chill’ text you should see if you are having trouble with your phone service.

3. What’s something modeling has taught you that you can use in the bedroom?

I try not to take anything about modeling into the bedroom. There is nothing worse than someone who is self conscious about what they are doing, and that’s what modeling brings you.

 4. Tell us a bit about your new website! What can we expect?

My new website is going to have a lot more content featuring other models. I’m excited to show the world the amazing girls out there through my platform.

5. What can we look forward to for Genevieve this year?

Hopefully, a lot more comedy and funny videos like Cheeki, I’m trying to be light hearted this year.


Watch Genevieve Morton star in THIS funny Cheeki video.

Galore Mag Cheeki

Photos by the Riker Brothers.

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