Say goodbye to your winter blues with Genesis Vega’s hot new beat!

Genesis Vega, a force to be reckoned with, broke the internet yesterday with her brand new video, 199X.

A bouncy, carefree homage to Azealia Banks’s hit single 1991, and this is the song we all need to get us out of this winter cold funk.

Vega states that when this song blares she sees the world as her runway, and we can’t disagree, you plug in and your body can’t help but swing your hips with confidence and power down bustling sidewalks.

199X, shot in the streets, bodegas, and subway of NYC, Genesis is giving NYC a little treat with her hypnotic verses and carefully executed vocals.

We’re so ready to share her brand new video that we just can’t get out of our heads. Watch below!

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Featured image by: shotbyjessica

Shot/ Directed by: Annie Bercy 

Styling by Genesis and Ziggy Mackjackson 

Special assistant Justin Broadnax 

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