Generation Angel: 5 Things The New Crop Of Supermodels Represent!

In the 60’s, it was the twig, in the 80’s the gazelle, and in the 90’s it was borderline anorexia. Every generation has had the look that has defined the supermodel. These days, that look is a bit more difficult to pin down. As we could see at last night’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, today’s models do not seem to have a defining theme amongst them. Instead, they embody all of the past trends of yore. Here are five model trends that are represented in the supers of today’s generation.

1. All American by Karlie: The athletic all American girl. In the 80’s, it was Cindy with her beauty mark and thick brown mane. These days, it is best represented by the ballet bodied, 6 foot plus Karlie Kloss. She even has the beauty mark to prove it.
2. Seduction by Joan: The sexy Puerto Rican is reminiscent of Naomi’s stage presence and coltish curves. At last night’s fashion show, she didn’t need flaming wings to let us know that she was hot.
3. Exotic by Ming: Ming Xi is one model who I hadn’t heard about until she made her debut at last night’s lingerie display, but now I wish that I had! There are so few truly exotic and unique looking supers out there but lately these oriental beauties have been making a stand. First Du Juan, then Liu Wen, and now the world must get to know the lovely Ming Xi.
2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
4. Statuesque Jourdan: Long, lanky and leggy Jourdan! It is so hard to find a model who combines tall and thin with an air of health and energy! Most giraffe like models look exhausted just from holding up that much height on such a lanky frame but Jourdan is all smiles and personality with just enough sex appeal to rock the Victoria’s Secret Runway!
5. Cara, the new waif: It has been said before but I feel the need to say it again. Cara is the new waif model. Shorter than the others with a slender, small boned figure and just enough cute weirdness to charm nearly everyone, Cara is the new mini model! We hope that next year she gets a more exciting costume than just the football carrier.

Written by: Amanda Lang

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