Garance Doré On How To Work, Dress, And Act Like A French Fashionista

Garance Doré has a different approach to the business of blogging than most of today’s reigning social media queens. The 37-year-old French blogger gained her fanbase by offering editorial content using original illustrations, not through paid Instagram posts of her own outfits. “You need to have a very strong ego to take so many photos of yourself. That’s something I never wanted for myself,” she said. Having just celebrated her blog’s 10 year anniversary, Garance’s success is a direct result of her own honesty. “I think we are in a bit in a gold rush right now. Everybody is trying to outdo everybody, but I’ve always been more into cultivating something real,” she explained.

With the release and success of her first book, Love x Style x Life, Garance’s genuine approach to her passion has worked yet again. “You don’t do a book just to do a book. You need a message,” Garance continued, “I promised myself not to sign a book deal until I had something real to say.” Even at the top of fashion’s A-list, Garance continues to understand the usefulness of connecting with her fans. “The most important thing for me now is that my book is meaningful enough for people to want to read or buy for their friends. Being close to my readers means everything to me,” she said.

From the business of fashion to the meaning of elegance, Garance Doré tells us how to work, dress, and act like a French fashionista.

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Illustration by Carolyn Buch

Mallory Llewellyn: What’s the biggest mistake people make when creating their own fashion blog or business?

Garance Doré: Trying to make a business never works, you have to let things happen organically. People do things for money that they don’t want to do. A lot of young people come up to me and express frustration because their blogs are not progressing in viewership. I don’t think people should think that way. Everyone has crazy high expectations for themselves, but artists can never be measured by numbers.

ML: How do you network and still remain an honest person?

GD: I would much rather overproduce quality work so that people will want to come to me. You can’t pretend to love somebody if you don’t. It’s all about putting out the right signals that will attract people to you. That’s what I do with my blog.

“I would much rather overproduce quality work so that people will want to come to me.”

ML: What do you think about when you get dressed?

GD: It’s a natural process for me. I work in an industry where I can wear whatever I want, so I just find essentials that I love and find different ways to wear those most of the time.

ML: Do you put more planning into your outfits before you travel?

GD: Yes! I know I’ll feel insecure before an event, so I like to plan what I’ll wear before my trip. I take photos before so that I know what will look nice, especially during fashion week.

ML: What advice do you give people who struggle with personal style?

GD: Following a few brands that you like is important. A brand has a subject and a consistent style, so it makes it easy for you to create a complete look. All the girls whose style I admire have a few brands that they love and wear all the time. If you don’t have the drive to totally create your own style, following a brand’s existing aesthetic is the easiest way to get dressed.

“If you’re a good person deep in your heart and you have respect for others, that’s when you’re truly elegant.”

ML: What should our #GaloreGirls wear to their job interviews?

GD: The secret is to sit in front of the entrance of the company you’re applying to and see what people are wearing. Be yourself, but study how to be on brand. You won’t wear the same thing to a Rick Owens interview as you would to a J. Crew interview. I think it’s important to show a little understanding of the world you’re coming into.

ML: You talk about elegance in your book. What’s the best way to exude elegance in your daily life?

GD: I think elegance means something different at every age and at every stage of a woman’s life. The most important thing about style is feeling free enough to try anything you want, and then being able to find your elegance within that. It’s all in how you carry yourself and how you behave with other people. If you’re a good person deep in your heart and you have respect for others, that’s when you’re truly elegant.

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