GAP Just Tapped the Cool Kids of Hollywood For Their TBT Collection

Some of the brands people are wearing to the club these days are brands you’d never expect — like Nike, Adidas, and FILA.

Well, GAP is the latest unexpected brand coming back in a big way, and they’ve tapped all of their OG Gap icon’s kids to model their latest collection, plus everyone’s favorite shady super model.

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It’s called Generation Gap, and it’s as cute and effortless as it is punny. The looks are reminiscent of those “vintage” Levis you’d pick up for way too much money at a trendy shop, except these will probs fit you way better.

The models include Lizzy Jagger, DJ TJ Mizell, Chelsea Tyler, Rumer Willis, and GAP veteran who still passes as a teen Naomi Campbell.

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90’s style clearly isn’t going anywhere, and what better way to rock it than by wearing the brand that was hot af in the 90’s?

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