Galore’s Real-Life Valentine Studs: Richie, Hairstylist

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We could be interviewing celebrities, Instagram models, and other guys whose PR teams would restrict half of their answers, but we went a different route.

After all, wouldn’t you rather hear what real guys think about sex? As in, guys who you might actually have a shot at matching with on Tinder this weekend or running into at the bar on February 14th with the other drunk singles.

We’re counting down a new sexy dude every day until Valentine’s Day, and today’s V-Day crush is Richie.

Richie is a hairstylist who lives in NYC, but he can do more for you than just make your hair look great 😉

What’s something girls need to know about dating a hairdresser?

We make amazing boyfriends. We work with women as a career, so we understand a lot more about them than most men do. Also, we can make your hair look amazing.

Finish this sentence: I could never date someone who was a fan of…

Donald Trump.

What’s the one thing that will make you fall for a girl?

A great sense of humor.

What’s the craziest thing someone has asked you for in bed?

I have had a girl once tell me to spit in her face and call her a whore while we were going at it. Yeah, I did it, and started laughing out loud a second later.

Describe your type in three words:

Smart, sassy, and funny.

Describe what type you are in three words:

Charming, funny, sarcastic.

What do all of your exes have in common?

They all taught me how to be a better person in life and in bed.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

To see Zoolander 2 and go out drinking with my buddies.

Do you think Valentine’s Day is overrated?

Totally overrated.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

I went on a Tinder date a while back. After a few drinks, the girl started telling me all about how much she hates her dad and started crying because he cut her allowance off and told her she had to get a job. She was 32 years old. When she went to the bathroom, I payed for the drinks and left before she got back.

What’s the best way that a girl can apologize to her dude after she messes up?
Feed him well, fuck him good, and let him go out with his friends.

What’s your favorite candy?

Kit Kat bars for sure.

What’s your Netflix and chill go-to show/movie?

Along Came Polly. Girls love that movie and it’s funny as hell.

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