Galore’s Guide To Pain And Pleasure In The Bedroom

It’s a new year and the perfect time to spice up your sex life. As of lately I’ve noticed more and more bondage inspired clothing and harnesses, no longer is this subject taboo. Deep down don’t we all want to be punished? After all, pain allows your body to release endorphins and for some causes a buzz similar to that of a runner’s high. Try it out! But first, make sure you and your partner talk before you play, communication is key. It’s best to come up with a “safe word” if things ever become too much to handle. Don’t be afraid to slow things down and check in with your partner from time to time.


Candle wax
New to wax? Paraffin wax is the way to go. It’s much softer and used to make most candles. Holding the candle higher above the body allows more time for the wax to drip, in turn the wax isn’t as hot when it reaches your body. Edible candle wax are also a plus and are available in sex shops as well as Etsy and EBay.


Being tied up
Tying up someone can be a lot of fun for the dominant one and absolute torture – the good kind – for their partner. Sure, you could use the typical wrist restraints, leather and chains or you may perhaps get creative and use some of your man’s ties he never wears. Be warned though, you need a thick tie to do the trick! Dig through both of your closets. Scarves work too. Look for something one of you use in your day to day lives. Thick cotton and silk materials are best, for once they are knotted they have a hard time coming undone and sliding out of place. Keep an extra pair of scissors on the bedside table just in case that rope becomes too tight. 25-30 ft of rope at least! Tie both wrist together for starters and then when you’re all set, you can move on to secure your partner’s wrist and ankles.


Handcuffs are a necessity and should be kept up somewhere safe. Before you try to whip them out girls, be sure to have a talk with your partner and establish a safe word. Make sure you have handcuffs that are reliable (whether they be metal or furry, that’s up to you). Hold the hands and wrists above your head, with your partner on top, pinning each limb on your body down.


Angry Sex. Some of the best sex you will have, and I promise you that. Find yourself getting in arguments? Stop arguing. You must go to the bedroom at once! Have your partner lay you over their knee. Then allow your “dom” to hold you down with one leg, making it nearly impossible for you to escape. Choose to escape and you will be punished with more spankings, it’s only appropriate. 1, 2, 3, 4…5 spanks! *By now you should have a nice imprint beginning to surface. Let it be known girls, the best thing to have rubbed on your behind after a good spanking is baby oil. So soothing…


Hair pulling
Hair pulling is a yes, yes, yes in my book. The best thing that your partner can do is hold your hair in a high ponytail like style, above your head. This is the approach to a tight grip. It’s an act that should be done quickly, it builds the tension between one another. Creating an incredibly intense feeling. A feeling that takes over your entire body, all in a matter of seconds. Something you can never stop craving…



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