Galore V-Day Crush: Tyler Tuck

You remember the 12 days of Christmas, right? Great in theory, but in reality; who really wants 3 french hens or 6 geese a laying? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Galore is giving you 8 days of sexy dudes! Because hot guys are always better than ovulating birds, am I right?

On the 1st day of V-day, Galore gave to me….

Tyler Tuck, Model at Rogue Management

Photo By Brian Jamie

What’s the best present a girl could get you on V-day?
I could always go for a well thought through, sentimental, lil’ somethin’ somethin’ from my lady. And an intimate, late night…candles lit, music on, wine flowing; from the shower straight to the bed type of night.

Favorite sex position?
Let’s be honest, I can never narrow it down to just one. Especially when you keep making up new ones!

What do you look for in a girl?
Oh, ok, getting serious. Umm…beautiful and outgoing of course, but it must be pure beauty in and out. A strong confident woman. Someone who can make me a better man. I love a woman who can sing and dance, and is an artist like myself. Dark and mysterious, but has this glow about her that I will not be able to take my eyes off of her. Eyes like they look into my soul and make me feel like I’ve known her my whole life. A woman who is understanding and trusting that will stick by your side. She’s gotta live that healthy lifestyle such as I do and love to be active and adventurous. Last but not least, she’s gotta be a bomb ass cook.

What’s your biggest turn off?
A shy girl who isn’t confident and second guesses her abilities.

How do you let a girl know that you’re ready for a relationship?
I believe if it is meant to be then you will both know that you’re ready for a relationship. Sure, you can drop signs along the way and even ask them out and say “will you be my girlfriend?” but ultimately if it’s meant to be it will just happen. It takes two to tango.

How will you be spending V-day?
Unfortunately, I am going to be away on work, but my love won’t change. Although this year we won’t be able to do all that mushy gushy stuff on Valentines, I have been lucky enough to find a woman who can make that day feel like every day for me. I think that’s the true meaning of V-Day, love and friendship that can surpass space and time.

What’s your advice for girls who always seem to fall for the player?
Well, best advice is always keep an open heart. Who knows, the likes of this “player” that you fell for might just be his last game. ​

Photo By Greg Vaughan


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