Galore V-Day Crush: Tyler Lepley

You remember the 12 days of Christmas, right? Great in theory, but in reality; who really wants 3 french hens or 6 geese a laying? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Galore is giving you 8 days of sexy dudes! Because hot guys are always better than ovulating birds, am I right? On the 5th Day of V-day, Galore gave to you…. 

Tyler Lepley, actor on “The Have and The Have Nots.”


What’s the best present a girl could get you on V-day?
Of course I like presents, but honestly just a home cooked meal. I’m always on the move, even if I sit down for dinner with someone, it’s usually out at a restaurant, and everything is very fast paced. I would like a home cooked meal with time to just relax and have a good conversation.

Who’s your celeb crush?
It would have to be Jennifer Lawrence.

Favorite sex position?
I’m an Aries, so I’m very controlling and dominant, so I would say anything where I’m in control. There can be lots of creative things where I can be in control.

What do you look for in a girl?
A sense of confidence and security within onself.

What’s your biggest turn off?
Someone who cannot think outside of the box. I’m a big dreamer and believer in people and humanity. When you think like that, it’s outside of the box. No one that I was growing up with, or went to school with, told me that it was okay to move across the country with no plan, but it worked out because I was able to think outside the box.

How do you let a girl know that you’re ready for a relationship?
I’m very direct, so if I’m ready for a relationship, I’ll be telling the person that I am in a relationship with.


How will you be spending V-day?
I don’t have a girlfriend, but it’s about love. I’ll make sure I set aside time to let the people in my life know that I love them, especially the women in my life. I’ll call my mother, I have a few cousins, and a few close female friends of mine.

What’s your advice for girls who always seem to fall for the player?
I think you need to stay involved with whatever your own process is and love yourself. A girl falling for the player or a “yes man” will eventually go through the honey-moon period and wake up one day realizing that they are settling. Any of these women that are having issues; they seek to please someone else first, they are going out to find a man. You should wake up and find something that you like to do, get good at it, practice it everyday, and it will help guide you to a purpose. Whether you’re making a mistake with a player or a yes-man, you can bounce back easily because you have your own routine. When you don’t have that routine, that can be really tough.

So, what does your personal routine and passion consist of?
Right now, my passion of acting- through listening to my inner voice and wishes. All of the time you hear them, and you can ignore them, but I’ve been trying to listen to them and it led me to this field that I fell in love with. A lot of things go into it, the reading that I have to do to find the foundations of good works, play-writers from back in the day that a lot of these movies and TV shows use. Reading certain literature will help you understand. I take a dance class because I want to understand the body and how it moves. I have a voice class, I take therapy because you want to find my triggers. You do it everyday and 10,000 hours later, you’re a master or an expert. Greatness is just a learned behavior that you practice every single day, eventually I’ll be a master at it.

It seems like you have a pretty crazy schedule, would you welcome a girlfriend into your life right now, or are you too busy focusing on your career?
My time is definitely consciously put into one aspect, which you could tag as my career or passion. If I find the right individual, I’m open to a relationship. It would have to be someone who would think outside the box, as I mentioned earlier, and give me more time for myself. It’s important to maintain your individuality in a relationship. I have friends who will get into a relationship and you won’t see them for the next two years, or hear them talk without mentioning their significant other.


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