Galore V-Day Crush: Massey Blakeman

You remember the 12 days of Christmas, right? Great in theory, but in reality; who really wants 3 french hens or 6 geese a laying? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Galore has been giving you 8 days of sexy dudes! Because hot guys are always better than ovulating birds, am I right? And today, on Valentine’s Day, Galore gave to you…. 

Massey Blakeman


What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Probably a nice restaurant, a good meal, and a bottle of wine.

Best gift a girl could give you for Valentines Day?

Gucci Mane tickets, big fan.

Who’s your celeb crush?

Keira Knightly, love you.

What’s your biggest turn off?

Smelly breath

Best line you’ve used on a girl.

Ayo girl you got an inhaler? Cause you got the ass ma 😉

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Acai bowls, I’ve had 3 this week

What song gets you in the mood?

Keith Sweat ‘Nobody’

What’s your biggest turn on?

Cliche, but a girl with a good personality. I feel like that’s getting harder to find these days.

Favorite place to hang out in NY?

Experimental Cocktail Club, currently

Favorite place to shop?

Topman or Phillip Lim, he’s my favorite designer at the moment. Happy I get to work for him.

Where’s the last place we will find you?

Probably one of those Irish pubs all over NYC

Favorite sex position?

Nowadays, anything on my back

How do you let a girl know that you’re ready for a relationship?

Hey, wanna date?


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