Galore V-Day Crush: Landon Falgoust

You remember the 12 days of Christmas, right? Great in theory, but in reality; who really wants 3 french hens or 6 geese a laying? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Galore is giving you 8 days of sexy dudes! Because hot guys are always better than ovulating birds, am I right? 

On the 7th Day of V-day, Galore gave to you…. 


Landon Falgoust, Model at Rogue Management

What’s the best present a girl could get you on V-day?

Who’s your celeb crush?
Adriana Lima

Favorite sex position?
It’s a combination of a few in one that involves a lot of body locking and eye contact

What do you look for in a girl?
Personality is everything…brains…eyes, lips, and a nice ass is very important

Photo By Jake Senfeld

What’s your biggest turn off?
Cold-hearted women

How do you let a girl know that you’re ready for a relationship?
If it happens it happens, you can’t really rush something like that

How will you be spending V-day?
Probably alone

What’s your advice for girls who always seem to fall for the player?
Be the player sometimes, girls


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