Galore V-Day Crush: AJ Power

You remember the 12 days of Christmas, right? Great in theory, but in reality, who really wants 3 french hens or 6 geese a laying? In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Galore is giving you 8 days of sexy dudes! Because hot guys are always better than ovulating birds. On the 2nd day of V-day, Galore gave to me….

AJ Power, model at Rogue Management

Photo By Leonardo Corredor

What’s the best present a girl could get you on V-day?
The best present a girl could get me on V-Day would have to be a home-cooked meal and a homemade card. We could then hang out for the rest of the night :). I really appreciate homemade gifts more than bought ones, they just mean so much more to me.

Who’s your celeb crush?
Niykee Heaton…I mean have you seen her instagram?

Favorite sex position?
Her on top, I like to see what is going on 😉

What do you look for in a girl?
Intelligence and confidence, together they are really sexy!

What’s your biggest turn off?
Flakes, nothing worse than making plans that never seem to happen.

How do you let a girl know that you’re ready for a relationship?
I am pretty honest so I will tell them my feelings, I don’t like to play games.

How will you be spending V-day?
No plans yet, who wants to make me dinner and a card?!

What’s your advice for girls who always seem to fall for the player?
Don’t fall prey to his games, that is how they view the dating world since they are rarely looking for anything serious. If you find yourself constantly falling for the player and getting hurt, try giving other guys a chance!


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